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The Izly service is a secured payment service operated and developed by S-money, a subsidary of the BPCE Group, the second banking group in France. Therefore, the security features and data confidentiality have been given special consideration, just like all the banking services offered by the Group.

Furthermore, S-money was approved by Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR) as an e-money institution.

For more information concerning the security and confidentiality of Izly, please visit the page «Security» of the site izly.fr

Image cadenasYour secured data

Your personal data are protected:

  • - The security of transactions is guaranteed in real-time by the Izly accounts management platform: the transactions are protected by a reinforced authentication mechanism based on your identifier associated to your secret code, which should be regularly entered to validate each transaction.
  • - All the data exchanges are encrypted
  • - No personal data is stored on your phone.
  • - Your bank details are never passed to recipients of your payments or transfers

The details of your bank cards, used to top up your Izly account, are entered only once. They are managed by the Group BPCE payment platform that meets PCI DSS security standards.

To protect the confidentiality of the data linked to your Izly account, and to ensure the security of operations carried out on this account, Izly advises to take necessary measures, in particular by not giving access to unauthorised third parties, not communicating your secret code or not writing it down in your phone.

Image cadenasManage your confidentiality parameters

With Izly, you can manage your confidentiality parametres as you wish. Also, you can decide which personal information (telephone number, e-mail address) can be consulted by the recipients of your payments.

Your confidentiality parametres can be changed at any moment in your mobile Izly application and in your personal area on the Izly website. The changes made by you are applied instantly.

Image cadenas Control your expenses

Your Izly e-money account, separate from your bank account, can never be debited.

You can also decide to top up your Izly account when you want from your mobile Izly application or your personal area on the Izly website and you can also control your expenses.

With every payment or transfer, we verify that your balance is credited. If you do not have enough funds in your account, we suggest that you top it up with one of your registered bank cards. In all cases, it is you who decide and control the usage.

Image cadenas A few security tips for using the Izly service

  • - Comply with the conditions of use for your phone provided by its manufacturer,
  • - Secure access to your mobile phone by an access code,
  • - Learn your Izly secret code by heart, do not communicate it to anybody,
  • - Compose your secret code away from prying eyes,
  • - Click on the Logout button as soon as you finish using the service.

Image cadenasBlock your account in case of any risk

If you think that somebody has stolen your mobile or recovered your mobile phone number or your Izly secret code, your should block your Izly account as soon as possible. You can do that from your mobile Izly application or your personal area on the Izly website on My profile page.

To unblock your account, please go to your personal area on the Izly website.

Your Izly account e-money is not stored on your mobile phone, but on the remote Izly server. Therefore, in the event of loss or theft of your telephone, your e-money is not lost ( excluding fraudulent transactions refunded under special conditions).